Friday, 3 December 2021

The real danger is division


The real danger is not Covid, the unvaccinated nor the vaccine. It is the division created and fed between people, the absurd, outrageous, extreme and often ridiculous theories on both (!) sides with little or no common sense. It is creating a division I have never seen before in my life. Friends all of a sudden are no longer friends. I am stunned, puzzled and saddened by it. This is a time where we need to be reminded of the herd instinct biologically wired into all of us, to huddle together and support one another. The virus could unite people on this planet and allow everyone to be the unique beautiful human being we were meant to be.

To move forward building our capacity for ambiguity is at the core. Tolerance for ambiguity can be defined as “the degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands”– a sum up of our times and a challenge humanity now has to master.

We live in an uncertain environment and to live in it we have to develop a better tolerance for ambiguity. Only then can we effectively work together to solve the huge issues humanity is facing at the moment, including saving our environmentally threatened planet. This is not a time to stress ourselves and compromise our immune systems by breaking each other’s hearts. Our nervous systems need down-regulation and hope, not fear and doom.

Some of my dearest friends are vaccinated, others chose not to be vaccinated. My love for my friends has not changed one little bit with the decisions they have been making. It’s a tough one to make given the severity of the virus we are dealing with.  

When living on the east coast I regularly went camping with friends in the bush on a secret divine spot where the river meets the ocean and we had so many unforgettable barbeques together. This will stay in my heart forever and makes me smile, even though they stopped talking to me while I was grieving due to my different views. I trust that a bridge can be built again one day. 

I teach clients in my counselling sessions that they are the only experts when it comes to their bodies and hence the only ones who have access to a deeper knowing. No “expert” can make this decision for you. 

I am not giving any medical or legal advice here, this article simply lists my personal views and resources I found helpful; check government websites or talk to your GP for more official information. Before getting vaccinated you have the option of preparing your immune system with a specific protocol according to a health practitioner I am in regular contact with. A close family member of mine wouldn’t recover easily from Covid and hence will be choosing to get vaccinated once she has strengthened and built up her immune system. There are practitioners with experience in helping you do this safely. Protocols with supplements before the vaccination need to be individually tailored and take existing medical conditions into consideration. You can also contact practitioners if you are experiencing side effects after receiving the vaccine. 

In one way we are alone in making these big decisions, but we can receive help by staying connected to our own bodies, to feel into them with curiosity and openness. Any form of movement or exercise, dancing, swimming, hiking in nature, running, yoga, chi gung and gardening are great tools. We can meditate and pray, connect to something that is bigger than us to help us in these “bigger than us” times. Larry Dossey calls it the “one mind”. I find reading his book with the same title very comforting, it helps me to stay calm and hopeful and I now rarely get pulled into the vortex of fear or division. 

I had a chat to my vaccinated best friend in Germany who frequents many hospitals due to her work. She told me that there are indeed a lot of young people in the hospitals who are very sick with Covid. In the document of ministry of health in NZ one can read that “most people experience mild illness and recover completely”. The virus is not something that can be taken lightly however, every one of us needs to make a decision that takes into consideration their constitution, nervous system, medical history, physical and emotional health. If you are not vaccinated, take extra precautions to not spread the virus, obey sanitization rules and reduce the viral load with nasal swabs and gargling. If you are vaccinated, do the same as you still can carry and spread the virus. 

My parents and one sister in Germany have already had their third shot, one sister in Germany is not vaccinated. She and her family have all just recently recovered from the corona virus without any complications. When she was first diagnosed with the virus I was surprised how meagre the list of prescribed medication was (similar to meds for a simple cold in fact) and so I forwarded her a much more comprehensive list of supplements from a Chinese herbalist here in Australia. I am beginning to wonder if it is possible that some people don’t recover well and fill hospitals because effective early treatment is not made available. 

I have referred clients who had side effects from the vaccination to experienced practitioners who are currently receiving a huge number of vaccine injury patients. The clients I sent to them recovered successfully. However, I personally know of a friend’s son who is now in hospital due to the side effects from the vaccine and was told by their doctor they are likely to die. Please take yourself seriously and don’t just “soldier on” if you feel something isn’t feeling quite right after your injection. Again, trust your own body, even if your symptoms are not on the list of proven side effects. If your GP doesn’t take you seriously, please go and seek a second opinion and/or see a different health practitioner for alternative information.

I am so pleased to see that immunity building is finally receiving the mention it deserves. The organization “Wanaka” in New Zealand has created a guide to support the community and reduce the pressure on the medical system by using early action through nutrition, lifestyle factors and supplements. We all need to build up our immune systems, vaccinated or not.

I was lucky to have had a very healthy upbringing in the country side in Germany with organic food, yoga, composting, a biologically healthily built house, homeopathy and supplements - an unusual pioneer childhood growing up in the 70s. Not everyone has had that luxury. I am deeply grateful to my parents for this. On the other side, I have had my own share of deep childhood trauma and hence have an oversensitive nervous system that doesn’t deal well with vaccines and some medications. I even had a bad reaction to the simple tetanus shot a few years ago, and when going to the dentist I can’t even handle any form of anaesthetic. I have to get the drilling done without it.
But I have a very strong body and I know I can handle a lot and can be with whatever arises inside my body: joy, grief, health, sickness and the most intense pain (even grateful now for the years of nervous system related migraines that trained me well to cope with pain). I know that not everyone can be embodied in that way, simply due to their past experiences.

I am planning on recording YouTube videos in which I can help you to nurture your own embodiment, down regulate your nervous system and to build your capacity and containment. I am slowly dreaming up a workshop that will take this to another level. I am happy to come and teach groups in the future.

I am deeply thankful to my mother who taught me to question authority and who role-modelled being different. I leant early to withstand any peer pressure and to build my capacity for handling bullying. And my dad taught me how to improvise and to be creative. Everything in my life at this very moment seems to line up and make sense, including grieving the death of my husband.

We are all so wonderfully unique and different due to our circumstances, past, genetics, constitution and mind set. It’s not something we can choose. So please, let’s give each other slack and let everyone make their own wise decisions. None of us is making them lightly and it really isn’t easy making a decision with so much conflicting information bombarding us. 

I have so much hope for our planet and its plants, animals, microorganisms and people on it. The veil is thin at the moment and we have such a chance for growth and connection right now. May we use this precious special time wisely,

With love,


Barbara Schmidt

Counselling Somatic

Trauma and nervous system recovery

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  1. Thankyou Barbara. It was a pleasure reading this account of your personal and broader experiences / information. Xx

    1. thank you so much! So good to receive your feedback, it took a lot out of me writing this article. So glad it is out there now. Thanks heaps. Please share it

  2. Quite good.mutch positive informations.thank you seek so positive about our parents
    Sincerely Julia your sister in Germany