Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why we have information missing after trauma and how to recall it savely by going very slow

In trauma everything happens very quickly. So fast indeed, that our brain can’t store all the information correctly: Missing pieces, incorrect facts and confusion result in incoherence in the story and we often draw conclusions that can have a very limiting and negative effect on the rest our of our life.

The good news is, that all the information necessary for healing is stored in the body and can be gently accessed with a therapist who is trained to work with sensations. And instead of going fast in therapy it’s necessary to go very slow when tracking these sensations. The slower, the faster is the healing in the end. This is something that still amazes me, but has been confirmed over and over again with my clients.

If the information emerges slowly, the brain is given a chance to store it correctly this time, new meaning can be added to our story and instead of feeling like a victim we come out feeling powerful and in charge of our lives. I would like to celebrate this with a photo from artist and writer Leunig:

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