Friday, 27 March 2015

I have finished my three year training in Somatic Experiencing

I have finished my Somatic Experiencing training - it has been an amazing journey. These last 3 years have changed my life! Step by step I learnt to understand my own (pretty tricky) nervous system. Trauma symptoms that no other counselling approach could touch are now beginning to shift. It is such a relief to notice this profound change in myself and I feel humbled being able to share this now with my clients and the world around me!

It was a privilege and great honour to be called up on stage and have Berns Galloway work with me during the training to demonstrate SE eye work. I loved the process - it released deep seated and long held stress and contraction while at the same time bringing me into contact with the richness of my inner world. Somatic Experiencing never ceases to amaze me and I am excited that learning in this area will never end – it might take a life time to understand all nervous systems.

It is such a joy diving into this alivenes, with a body full of amazing sensations and a nervous system with new found order and strength. In the last module we learnt about touch work to heal trauma, opening up joints, diaphragms and releasing trauma stored in organs – works best for my nervous system! 

I felt inspired to write a few words, celebrating arriving back home again after the intense last module of SE:

                                 Warmth of the earth spreading inside me.
                                 Wind rustling my hair whispering its song to my ear.
                                 Dancing shadows of trees sharing the sunlight with insects on the floor.
                                 Dogs waiting for a game dancing around me on soft paws.

                                 It’s good to be home again!

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