Saturday, 30 August 2014

How to activate our social engagement nerve via our senses

We have a nerve called the “smart vagus”, which helps us to self regulate and connect with others. Without this complex engagement nerve we would simply run away or fight other people. Imagine that for a second – we basically would become extinct real quick as we couldn’t handle getting close to anyone!
Our inner ear, face muscles, eyes, mouth, throat and vocal cords  are all connected to our heart, lungs, throat and digestive system and tell them to stay calm so we can stay close and connected with a person without having to go into fight or flight.
When we engage our senses and look around us, listen to sounds or voices, speak or sing, feel a smile on our lips and our cheeks we are activating our smart vagus and can relax into staying close and connected with others. A good life starts with staying close to good people around us.

So get out and engage and nourish your senses J

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