Monday, 4 August 2014

Why nourishing your own senses as therapist is important

When I work with a client I try to work with all senses, especially when using visualization – the experience then becomes real and so the brain can build a strong new neural connection that serves the person on a higher and much more positive level.

And so that I can do this work with creativity and light humor (especially when working on dark and deep trauma) it is important that I make sure I nourish my own senses every day. I love looking at shapes and nature around me,  I discover new amazing sights every day, allow pleasant sound waves to tickle my ear, touch surfaces and give hugs, tease my taste buds, enjoy moving every joint and muscle in my body via yoga, stretch my arms out wide to take in the sky, breath and spaciousness around me, sing and dance and close my eyes to track sensations inside my body. All this gets me away from the to-do-lists in my head, I connect via my heart with my surroundings  and I find myself playing and enjoying life.

Here is my poem to encourage you to play:

I venture out to play
creating a feast for my senses

My fingers brushed by the wind
while hands delight in shapes of stone
and eyes eagerly following every form

My feet in softness and warmth
leave footsteps of deep behind

Sound waves are tickling my hair
and water cascading over rocks
transforms my belly into an ecstasy of joy

I reach out and my eyes touch endless space

                                                By Barbara Schmidt

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